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Compass commits to sustainable seafood

Compass Group UK & Ireland has become the first major foodservice player to join the Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC), the industry-backed scheme whose ambition is for all fish and seafood sold in the UK to come from sustainable sources. The scheme, which counts the majority of major UK supermarkets and seafood suppliers among its members,…
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Cod recovery continues

THE ICONIC European cod fishery, which collapsed in the 1980s and has been ailing ever since, has finally increased above dangerously low levels and hauled itself off the Marine Conservation Society’s Fish to Avoid list.   North Sea cod is now rated “4 and amber”, which means it’s showing signs of improvement. The population now needs…
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Brakes’ fish pledge means sustainable fish for millions

BRAKES HAS taken a Sustainable Fish Cities pledge.                        Millions of UK schoolchildren, hospital patients, workplaces and restaurant diners are to be served only demonstrably sustainable fish, thanks to the pledge signed today by Brakes, the UK's largest food wholesale supplier.   The Sustainable Fish Cities…
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More MSC fish

THE MARINE Conservation Society (MCS) and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC – not to be confused – have both published updates recently offering good news and bad. [caption id="attachment_14437" align="alignleft" width="300"] More certified fish. The MSC says it now certifies fisheries accounting for 10% of all wild-caught seafood.[/caption]                …
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MCS put mackerel on the menu for Scots

THE NEWS that the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has put mackerel back on its list of ‘fish to eat’ has been welcomed by the Scottish mackerel processing industry.                           The list acts as a key guide for responsibly sourcing seafood in the UK, and…
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Hanging in the balance

COD'S COMEBACK means conservationists face another battle to persuade the fishing industry not to take the fish off consumer blacklists just yet.                         The good news is that North Sea cod stocks are staging a recovery. Strict quotas, fewer discards and selective fishing gear…
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The future of fishing

DISCARDS AND by catch could be history thanks to a revolutionary approach to fishing.                     Imagine if every fish landed on a trawler was alive, in perfect condition and small fish, sharks and other species could be safely released underwater before a catch was lifted aboard.  …
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International initiative launched to promote sustainable salmon fishing

INDUSTRY LEADERS from the global salmon farming sector yesterday (15TH August) launched a new international initiative to promote sustainable salmon fishing practices.   The new Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) brings together 15 of the world’s biggest salmon producers under a single commitment of industry cooperation and transparency within the supply chain, to drive sustainability progress.…
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Fish eco-labels to be assessed and harmonised

SODEXO AND Sainsbury’s are among the companies involved in a new project to develop a level playing field for seafood certification schemes.                           The Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) will attempt to produce a harmonised assessment scale for sustainable fish purchasing which allows…
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