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Foodservice heavyweights urge government to act on litter

A NATIONAL litter strategy is needed to tackle the UKs £1bn litter problem, say businesses and campaign groups. Signatories to the Litter Manifesto include retailers McDonald’s and Wriggleys; associations such as the Packaging Federation, Beer and Pub Association and British Soft Drink Association; as well as campaign groups such as Keep Britain Tidy and the…
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Aramark lands fresh food status at Askham Bryan College

THE FRESHNESS, quality and provenance of the food and meals Aramark serves at Askham Bryan College have been recognised, as the company gains ‘Bronze’ Food for Life Catering Mark status.                   The Mark is awarded by the Soil Association, and provides a unique guarantee that Aramark’s food…
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Hanging in the balance

COD'S COMEBACK means conservationists face another battle to persuade the fishing industry not to take the fish off consumer blacklists just yet.                         The good news is that North Sea cod stocks are staging a recovery. Strict quotas, fewer discards and selective fishing gear…
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Who’s top when it comes to sustainable fish?

CHEFS HAVE huge influence over what people cook at home – not least through their books. Research at the University of York has shown that some of the top names are promoting sustainable fish significantly more now than they were five years ago.                        …
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North Sea fish stocks still off limits

THE MARINE Conservation Society (MSC) has released the latest version of its sustainable seafood guide, in which the organisation say that North Sea cod should remain off limits.                   Despite a decrease in the amount of North Sea cod being fished over recent years the MSC says…
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Chefs challenged on their seafood sustainability

RESEARCHERS FROM the University of York have ranked the top ten celebrity cookbooks in order of the sustainability of the seafood they feature.                   Books published by some of the leading chefs between 2005 and 2012 were targeted by Marine Environment Management masters student Polly Bowman.  …
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English seas ‘worth their weight in gold’

A NEW REPORT on the value of English seas has been released, which suggests that UK waters have significant economic worth.                     The study titled, ‘The value of Marine Protected Areas in the UK to divers and anglers’ was jointly published by the Universities of Aberdeen,…
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Have you been caught out?

FIRST IT was horse burgers, now it is fish fraud. Foodservice companies need to ask some tough questions of their suppliers.                           There's rarely a dull moment when it comes to food traceability at the moment. According to research reported on the BBC's…
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Fish labels simplified

EVER STRUGGLED to understand what the different certification schemes for sustainable seafood are about and how they compare? Help is at hand.                     Seafish has launched “A Guide to Seafood Standards”, an interactive online tool that allows food businesses to compare and contrast 16 different certification…
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