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Caterers criticised over horse meat

CATERERS HAVE again come under fire for their part in the horse meat scandal.   Lord Haskins, the former boss at Northern Foods, said caterers had “pretty haphazard” systems in place to manage their supply chains.   Speaking at the “Assuring the Integrity of the Food Chain” conference, organised by the Food and Environment Research…
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A rotten year for public-sector food

HORSE MEAT in school meals, pork in prisoners' halal pies and a damning verdict on hospital catering have meant a troubled start to 2013 for catering companies.                           It might be a silly superstition, but 2013 is not turning out well for companies…
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Horse meat testing expanded

TESTING FOR horse meat will be extended to include stock cubes, stewing steak and gelatine. In all, 514 products will be tested, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has announced. The full results will be published.   The sampling for the first two phases will be carried out by 28 local authorities and will include beef-based…
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Caterers ‘real culprits’ in horse meat scandal.

THE BOSS of Iceland has launched a scathing attack on the catering industry, claiming that they and the local authorities are to blame for the current horse meat crisis.   In an interview with the BBC on Sunday, February 17th, Malcolm Walker blamed the “invisible” catering sector for driving down food quality and using “back…
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