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Cut off the gas

PIERRE GERBER from the Food and Agriculture Organisation talks about his new report on emissions from livestock farming.   David Burrows (DB): Livestock production seems to be a big emitter of greenhouse gases, but what are the main sources?   Pierre Gerber (PG): Cattle raised for both beef and milk is responsible for about 65%…
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Seafish seek seafood businesses to trial energy ‘hotspots’ profiling tool

THE DEVELOPERS of an intelligent tool that could be used to profile greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the seafood product supply chain are seeking businesses to take part in user trials.   Seafish, with partners SINTEF and Dalhousie University, have created a GHG emissions profiling tool to help the industry identify energy ‘hotspots’ in the…
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GHG reporting ‘unacceptably poor’

JUST 37% of the world’s largest 800 companies are reporting complete data on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while even less (21%) have had their data independently verified.   New research from the Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO), a climate change and finance think tank, claims that the level of public disclosure of GHGs is “unacceptably poor”.…
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Europe’s new resource efficiency manifesto

THE EUROPEAN Commission has published its vision of what a resource efficient Europe will look like: more environmental reporting and fewer resource-intensive products.     In a world with growing pressures on resources and the environment, the Commission called for the creation of “better market conditions for products and services that have lower impacts across…
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