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News in review: Hospital food battle. FDF boss attacks health lobby. Alcohol an economic benefit. Campylobacter on chickens – latest results. Bag tax benefits. Efra commences dairy price inquiry.

Hospital food review                       The Hospital Caterers Association has published a lengthy response to NHS England’s attack on junk food served to staff, visitors and patients. "Many of the areas of concern that are being raised as [chief executive Simon] Stevens outlines his push to…
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Big ten food companies emit more greenhouse gases than Scandinavia

THE ‘Big 10’ food and drink companies together emit more greenhouse gases than Scandinavia and, if they were an individual country, would rank as the 25th most polluting, Oxfam revealed today. It warned that companies are risking financial ruin if they do not do more to tackle climate change.            …
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Zero Carbon Britain report released

THE CENTRE FOR Alternative Technology (CAT) today (16th July) released its new report – Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future, which outlines how the UK can decarbonise without the need for future technological advances.   The new report suggests that all the technology needed to decarbonise in the UK exists and that barriers to decarbonisation…
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Good progress but work still needed to meet carbon budgets

THE COMMITTEE ON Climate Change has released its latest annual progress report to Parliament, which shows that good progress has been made in some areas but more work is needed if quarter three and four carbon budgets are to be met.   Record levels of wind energy capacity was reported, along with progress is areas…
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