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DEFRA’s waste strategy: fill in the blanks

Westminster’s plan to tackle plastics is big on promises but short on detail – for now. By David Burrows. The government has hit the food sector with a whirlwind of announcements relevant to the future of waste in the past three months. The Clean Growth Strategy and new Industrial Strategy kicked things off late last…
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Are straw pledges bending the truth?

A Footprint investigation has cast doubt on the integrity of plastic-free straw pledges because compostable replacements are not being composted. Nick Hughes reports. First it was carrier bags, then coffee cups and now straws are the focus of the backlash against plastic packaging. In the past six months, a host of major pub and restaurant…
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Plastics regulation: is that a flying pig I see?

Ministers have long been reluctant to act on single-use products in the face of industry resistance – but Philip Hammond’s budget suggests the tide is turning. By David Burrows. It took well over a decade for the Westminster government to be convinced that a levy on plastic bags was a good idea – and in…
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UK food waste strategies don’t measure up

Westminster’s plans aren’t good enough to even be included in a major global study, writes Nick Hughes. How do approaches to tackling food waste in the UK compare with other countries? The answer is not very favourably, unless you live in Scotland. In fact, government plans to tackle food waste in England were not even…
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Food waste breakthrough is just the beginning

2016 was the year redistribution went mainstream. But it’s only a sticking-plaster solution to the problem of poverty. By Nick Hughes. The year 2016 felt like a breakthrough moment for food waste redistribution. Greater public awareness of food waste along with businesses’ own waste reduction commitments and improvements in the operational capabilities of redistribution charities…
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Environmental Regulation in a Post-Brexit World

Good news for UK foodservice: radical change is unlikely and the sector should be able to keep working to cut waste. By Mark Hilton and Dominic Hogg. The environment wasn’t exactly prominent in the EU referendum debate – despite environmental professionals’ concerns that, given the EU’s role in setting standards, Brexit could prove regressive. The…
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Brussels lowers its sights

By 2020 the EU could be throwing away 120m tonnes of food. A target to cut this waste by 30% by 2025 seemed like a decent idea – so why has it been binned? Valerie Flynn reports. A quick recap The food waste target was part of the European Commission’s July 2014 circular economy package…
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Ideas from across the Ocean

As the UK foodservice and retail sectors get set to join forces to tackle food waste under the Courtauld 2025 commitment, Meghan Stasz and Laura Abshire discuss how similar cross- sector collaboration has worked in the US. Food waste has steadily climbed over the years to a top concern for both consumers and corporations –…
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Scotland gets serious on food waste

From the begging of this year any business producing more than a carrier bag's worth of waste a week has to make sure it's collected separately. New regulations coming into force on January 1st will change the way the food industry is required to manage its food waste in Scotland. From next year, food businesses (apart from those…
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