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Livestock welfare: a live issue that customers are dead set on

A new global initiative shows foodservice firms are taking the lead as buyers worry about chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-stuffed beef. By David Burrows. When it comes to ethical claims made by food and drink companies, high animal welfare standards tend to be the top issue these days. In a 2015 poll by Mintel, the issue…
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Pret A Manger tragedies should not provoke a rush to legislate

Two deaths from allergic reactions will rightly raise questions – but laws targeting bigger businesses are not the answer. By Dominic Watkins. It will have been difficult to have missed the tragic story of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, the teenager who died of an allergic reaction on a flight after eating a baguette from Pret A Manger.…
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Easy peasy? Veg campaign reports mixed progress

Foodservice has set the pace in the first year of Peas Please but retailers are lagging behind. By Nick Hughes A year ago this month an eclectic bunch of 41 organisations including food retailers, manufacturers and caterers pledged to help the British public eat more vegetables. Twelve months on and the results of their efforts…
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Restaurant industry split over plans for fair tipping

Unions back Theresa May’s announcement that staff will keep 100% of tips but employers say the law is unnecessary. By Nick Hughes. News last week that Theresa May will legislate to ensure that restaurant workers keep 100% of their tips has divided industry opinion. The Unite union heralded the announcement as a long-overdue victory for…
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More companies to publish food waste data

Nestlé, Unilever, Walmart and Tesco are among big names signed up to ambitious reduction targets. By David Burrows. There has been a flurry of food waste announcements in the past week, which will see more companies come under pressure to not only measure and manage their waste but to publish data on it and be…
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Comment: Hubbub tackles a meaty issue

The evidence is clear on the need to reduce our meat consumption, which is why environmental charity Hubbub has launched a series of campaigns to showcase the appeal of plant-based protein. By Tessa Tricks. We need to talk about animal protein. At the current rate, global consumption of meat and dairy is predicted to double…
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Political Print: a few sandwiches short of a Brexit picnic

Ministers are finally waking up to the looming food crisis but can they find a solution before March 29th? By Nick Hughes. First the good news on Brexit: the BLT is safe. That’s according to the Brexit secretary, Dominic Raab, who took the unusual but courageous step of using a sandwich analogy to reassure the…
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Dear Theresa May: I fear calorie labels may be a waste of time

The prime minister is proposing mandatory labelling in restaurants – but where’s the evidence for it, and how will it work? By David Burrows.       Dear Prime Minister, I write in response to your consultation, launched last week, on the introduction of calorie labelling across the out-of-home sector. This is part of your…
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That stinks: misleading advert for ‘poo bags’

The advertising watchdog has ruled that a pet product cannot be described as ‘biodegradable’ – but why is this relevant to foodservice? By David Burrows. Bold claim. A product page for dog waste bags (yup, you are still logged in to on the Ancol Pet Products website had the following text: "Refill Poop Bag…
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Why the blazing summer will send food prices soaring

Britain’s heatwave spells rising prices ahead – and climate change means we need to get used to such shocks. By Nick Hughes. The weather can play funny tricks on the mind. It takes but a few days of grey skies and morning chills for months of blazing sunshine to recede into the distant memory. As…
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