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Why the smart money’s on food waste reduction

Research shows a clear-cut financial case for businesses to take action. By Nick Hughes. There are many good reasons why food businesses should tackle food waste: to comply with waste regulations, to build stakeholder relationships or simply through a sense of ethical responsibility. The financial case for food waste reduction, however, has always been harder…
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Briefing: what does blockchain mean for the food industry

The technology that underpins bitcoin could also be a vital weapon in securing supply chains all the way from farm to fork. By Nick Hughes. What exactly is it? Blockchain was created in 2008 as a virtual ledger for trading digital assets without the need for a bank to act as an intermediary. Users have…
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Gender pay data shows foodservice top of the class

Ours is the most equal of any British sector – but the big players in particular still have work to do. By Nick Hughes. The results are in and for foodservice there is reason to feel a degree of satisfaction over the gap between what men and women working in the sector are paid. Analysis…
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How Facebook’s big data could be harnessed for good

The Cambridge Analytica scandal shouldn’t blind us to the possibility of using the platform to promote healthy living. By David Burrows. A friend messaged me last week. “Feeling rather smug that my wife found an email from me many years ago where I stated that I’d never join Facebook given the threat of data harvesting.”…
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Baysanto merger threatens the future of sustainable farming

Bayer’s $62.5 billion purchase of Monsanto would create a corporate giant endangering organic and independent farmers. By Honor Eldridge. On March 21st, Bayer won approval for its $62.5 billion (£44 billion) purchase of Monsanto. The EU competition commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, decided after long deliberation to approve a takeover that would create a company (informally dubbed…
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Gove shows bottle on drinks waste

DEFRA will launch a deposit return scheme for empty drinks containers but campaigners still have a fight on their hands, says David Burrows. A deposit return scheme (DRS) for plastic, glass and metal drinks containers will be launched in England, the government confirmed on Wednesday. Details of the scheme remain scant – there will be…
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Coffee cup crackdown can’t wait any longer

A combination of carrot and stick is needed to tackle single-use cup waste, argues Ecoffee Cup founder David McLagan.  The waste created by single-use items is a significant global issue and takeaway coffee cups contribute more than their fair share: 100 billion end up in landfill globally each year – more than 270 million cups every single…
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Retail’s new action plan falls short

A mixed bag of sustainability targets suggests certain companies have been putting the brakes on the sector’s collective ambitions. By Nick Hughes. The retail sector has a new sustainability action plan. The earnestly titled Better Retail Better World was launched this month at a parliamentary reception attended by leading industry figures, government representatives and campaigners.…
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Crunch time for plastics

Will a government consultation on waste finally herald the much-needed crackdown? By David Burrows. The government has published a consultation to explore whether taxes could be used to reduce the amount of single-use plastics, increase recycling rates and stimulate the development of alternatives. About £20 million from existing budgets will also be given to businesses…
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Who’s policing the food police?

In the wake of multiple food hygiene scandals, can the industry be trusted to regulate itself? By Nick Hughes. As public putdowns go, it was particularly caustic. “How many times does Rome have to burn down before you do something?” demanded an exasperated Neil Parish, as the environment, food and rural affairs (EFRA) committee, of…
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