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Coffee cup breakthrough boosts battle against plastics

Compostable drinks waste can now be processed at treble the number of sites in a ‘game-changer’ for packaging. By David Burrows. UK sites that collect garden waste have been permitted to process some compostable packaging materials, including coffee cups and lids. Vegware, which manufactures compostable foodservice packaging and has led the initiative, called the move…
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Food crises fail to dent public confidence

The Food Standards Agency has just published its biannual consumer attitudes survey. David Burrows compares these results with those in the first tracker of November 2010. THE GOOD NEWS is that people are less concerned about food issues than they were back in 2010 – albeit only slightly. This seems remarkable – in that period…
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Plastics package: coffee pods, strawless lids and a bitter BBIA

This month we will mostly be confused by compostables and perplexed by plastics. By David Burrows. For years there have been calls to ditch weight as a measurement for waste and use carbon instead. An analysis of Scotland’s rubbish showed that the five most carbon-intensive waste materials make up just 6% of waste by weight…
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How can we slim down Britain’s takeaways?

Fast-food outlets are booming, and so is obesity. What can be done to create healthier environments? By Nick Hughes. We Brits love a takeaway. Every year we munch our way through well over a billion kebabs, burgers, curries, pizzas and much more besides. But what is our love of fast food doing to our health,…
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Is the UK’s packaging recycling up to scratch?  

The National Audit Office has raised serious questions over possible fraud and error in the government’s scheme. By Nick Hughes. The true scale of the UK’s packaging recycling has once again come into question after an inquiry by the National Audit Office (NAO). This week, the NAO released a report in which it cast doubt…
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Can MoP clean up our farms?

Mandatory method-of-production labelling could be the answer to falling consumer trust in food safety. By David Burrows. The BBC “Countryfile” presenter Tom Heap has created a bit of a stir by suggesting children should visit slaughterhouses, intensive chicken barns and “crowded pigpens” on school trips. It could be a bit like the aquarium with see-through…
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Political Print: main course is finally on the Brexit table

The government’s white paper finally shows ministers recognising the food industry’s concerns – but can the proposals work? By Nick Hughes. It’s taken over two years but food has finally made it onto the Brexit negotiating table. On Thursday the government published its long-awaited Brexit white paper setting out proposals for the future relationship between…
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Is palm oil pledge worth the paper it’s written on?

Companies are pondering their next move after experts raised questions over the environmental value of the CSPO scheme. By David Burrows. There is “no significant difference” between Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) and non-certified when it comes to environmental protection. The claims, in a study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, heap further pressure…
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The Plastics Package: cup shocks and Euro rivalries

In Footprint’s latest monthly briefing, Michael Gove’s coffee lands him in hot water while Westminster and Brussels vie to out-green each other. By David Burrows. The World Cup’s under way, so to adapt the famous quote from the former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson: “Plastics, bloody hell.” It’s been another fertile four weeks of…
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