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Labour abuse: pleading ignorance may no longer be enough

All businesses should take warning after threats of tough action to tackle the shocking scale of exploitation. By Nick Hughes. Abuse of labour is not an issue that makes the daily agenda of most companies. But every so often a story breaks that makes even the most reputable business ask: “Could this happen to me?”…
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Plastics Bulletin: company commitments keep coming

Footprint’s new monthly briefing The Plastics Bulletin finds foodservice has been left out of a new packaging pact. By David Burrows. It’s almost impossible to keep up with all the foodservice packaging news, so we’ve made it a little easier for you. Once a month, Footprint will bring you (some of) the latest corporate commitments,…
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Will Pret ruling change the natural order?

A ruling against Pret A Manger for using the word natural in its marketing could open the floodgates to similar complaints. By Nick Hughes. What exactly do we mean by “natural” food? The question has been at the centre of an intriguing dispute between Pret A Manger and the Real Bread Campaign which culminated recently…
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Will Boston Tea Party kick off a coffee revolution?

The café chain’s total ban on single-use cups is a bold move that its customers may not be ready for. By David Burrows. From today (June 1st) single-use coffee cups will be banned at Boston Tea Party’s (BTP) 21 stores. It’s a bold move, not least because takeaway hot drinks are responsible for 5.2% of…
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Data failings paint foodservice as villain of the sugar piece

Public Health England’s inability to build a full picture of reformulation progress is making out of home brands an easy target for critics. By Nick Hughes. Knives were being sharpened for the out of home sector long before Public Health England (PHE) announced progress against first year sugar reduction targets last week. Manufacturers have characterised…
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Why you need to meet your suppliers in the flesh

Buyers need to satisfy themselves that the meat they are buying is what they think it is. By David Read, chairman of Prestige Purchasing. Benjamin Franklin once wrote: “Nothing in this world is certain, except death and taxes.” Food scandals might be an obvious addition to this statement. Whether it’s horsemeat in the lasagne, bribes…
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Political Print: the great fat fight is back on

Experts are again clashing over healthy diets in a bout that’s set to be long and bloody. By Nick Hughes. Ding ding! That was the sound of the bell ringing for the latest round in the great fat fight. Last year Footprint reported the bitter split in the public health community over the role of…
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Pressure is mounting for a junk-food advertising crackdown

Celebrity chefs, the NHS, the London Mayor and even former ‘big food’ marketing executives, have joined calls to prevent advertisers targeting children. Will Theresa May change her tune? By David Burrows. In 2015 Public Health England published an extensive review of what drives sugar consumption and how to reduce intake. The available research, the experts…
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Peering into the Brexit gloom

Last week’s Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum focused on the future of food regulation after Brexit. What did we learn? By David Burrows. GLASSES ARE HALF EMPTY. Pessimism is increasing when it comes to food and Brexit. Research presented by Food Standards Scotland showed that the number of consumers who believe prices will go up…
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Better meat: what’s in a name?

Everyone agrees we need to improve our diets – but not what that means. By Nick Hughes. What do we mean by “better” meat? It’s a question with the potential to divide farmers, confuse consumers and frustrate foodservice sustainability managers in equal measure. From organic, to pasture-raised, to intensively reared livestock, each system has a…
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