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Livestock welfare: a live issue that customers are dead set on

A new global initiative shows foodservice firms are taking the lead as buyers worry about chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-stuffed beef. By David Burrows. When it comes to ethical claims made by food and drink companies, high animal welfare standards tend to be the top issue these days. In a 2015 poll by Mintel, the issue…
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Government policies to reduce meat are insufficient

There are almost no public policies in place to support the transition to a low carbon food sector, according to a new report published this week. In many EU countries and in the US, meat consumption is more than double the recommended levels for healthy diets. Meanwhile, animal agriculture is responsible for around 16.5% of…
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Fairtrade happy to forego its on pack logo

The Fairtrade Foundation is prepared to work with more businesses that don’t want to carry its well-recognised mark. Speaking at a conference in London this month, Lord Mark Price, Fairtrade Foundation chair of trustees, said the organisation is open to working with businesses in new ways. Responding to concerns that some companies are moving towards…
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Where’s the beef?

Irish beef sells itself on its green and natural credentials. Does it live up to the hype and what part can it play in a sustainable diet? Footprint’s Amy Fetzer investigates. It’s a funny few days to be finding out more about Irish beef and the Irish Food Board’s sustainability programme, Origin Green. Checking the…
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New animal welfare guidance launched

New guidance outlining a pioneering new approach for farm assurance schemes, retailers and farmers to improve animal welfare has been released following a six-year project with the Soil Association, RSPCA and University of Bristol. The new “AssureWel” manual shifts the way assurance schemes look at welfare by focusing on the individual animal and looking at…
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Pret A Manger tragedies should not provoke a rush to legislate

Two deaths from allergic reactions will rightly raise questions – but laws targeting bigger businesses are not the answer. By Dominic Watkins. It will have been difficult to have missed the tragic story of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, the teenager who died of an allergic reaction on a flight after eating a baguette from Pret A Manger.…
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MEPs push foodservice packaging bans

Fast-food containers made of expanded polystyrene have been added to the list of single-use items that will be banned as part of the European Commission’s plans to tackle plastic pollution. In May, the Commission presented new EU-wide rules to target the 10 single-use plastic products most often found on Europe's beaches and seas. Where alternatives…
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Denmark proposes carbon label for food

The Danish government is assessing new regulations that would require food manufacturers and retailers to put “climate impact” labels on their products. “We want consumers to get a tool when they stand in the supermarket, which can help them assess how much climate impact the product has,” climate minister Lars Christian Lilleholt told news outlets…
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Easy peasy? Veg campaign reports mixed progress

Foodservice has set the pace in the first year of Peas Please but retailers are lagging behind. By Nick Hughes A year ago this month an eclectic bunch of 41 organisations including food retailers, manufacturers and caterers pledged to help the British public eat more vegetables. Twelve months on and the results of their efforts…
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Hospitality sector struggling without support

The UK hospitality sector’s workforce and contribution to the economy could begin to drop by 2022, according to research by Ignite Economics. The report notes that recent cost pressures such as minimum wage increases, business rates, and a reduction in the supply of labour has started to take its toll on the industry. In the…
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