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Coffee cup breakthrough boosts battle against plastics

Compostable drinks waste can now be processed at treble the number of sites in a ‘game-changer’ for packaging. By David Burrows. UK sites that collect garden waste have been permitted to process some compostable packaging materials, including coffee cups and lids. Vegware, which manufactures compostable foodservice packaging and has led the initiative, called the move…
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Sodexo and McDonald’s amongst “most praised” companies for sustainability

Two foodservice companies feature in a new ranking of the corporates most praised by activist groups. McDonald’s and Sodexo both made the top 10 companies recognised by NGOs for their leadership on environmental issues, human and animal rights. The quarterly ranking, produced by research and strategy consultancy Sigwatch, is based on global monitoring of more…
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Pressure to improve palm oil standards intensifies

Investment firms representing $6.7 trillion (£5.25 trillion) in assets under management have called for tighter standards for producing sustainable palm oil. In a letter sent to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), which certifies sustainable palm oil, the 90-plus firms raised concerns that there is a “disconnect between leading corporate policy commitments and the…
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Plastic use poses serious business risks – report

Food companies could face serious material business risks for their involvement in creating plastic waste, according to a new report. Risk unwrapped: Plastic pollution as material business risk, published by law firm ClientEarth, details four types of business risk that companies may be exposed to and sets out the legal obligations on their directors to…
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Lidl pilots ‘Too Good to Waste’ veg boxes

Lidl is launching a new fruit and veg box scheme that will see produce just past its best sold at a significantly reduced price. New ‘Too Good to Waste’ boxes will contain approximately 5kg of fruit and veg items that are no longer considered at their best, but are still perfectly good to eat. Priced…
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Food crises fail to dent public confidence

The Food Standards Agency has just published its biannual consumer attitudes survey. David Burrows compares these results with those in the first tracker of November 2010. THE GOOD NEWS is that people are less concerned about food issues than they were back in 2010 – albeit only slightly. This seems remarkable – in that period…
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Walkers under pressure to speed up recycling commitments

PepsiCo is the latest food company to face criticism over the recyclability of its packaging after campaigners revealed that more than 4 billion non-recyclable packets of its Walkers crisps brand are being produced every year. Campaign group 38 Degrees called on the company to accelerate its commitment to achieving 100% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable packaging…
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Plastics package: coffee pods, strawless lids and a bitter BBIA

This month we will mostly be confused by compostables and perplexed by plastics. By David Burrows. For years there have been calls to ditch weight as a measurement for waste and use carbon instead. An analysis of Scotland’s rubbish showed that the five most carbon-intensive waste materials make up just 6% of waste by weight…
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Hospitality firms would welcome “measured debate” on immigration

The government has failed to hold a “sensible debate” on immigration or build any kind of consensus on an issue that dominated the referendum on EU membership, according to MPs. The Home Affairs Committee warned that migration policy “now risks being caught up in a rushed and highly politicised debate in the run up to…
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Summer’s not over but natural resources have “run out”

Earth Overshoot Day came even earlier this year, on August 1st, prompting calls to cut food waste in half, invest more in low carbon energy and even have fewer children. Earth Overshoot Day is the date when humanity’s annual demand on nature exceeds what Earth’s ecosystems can renew in that year. Global Footprint Network calculates…
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