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Farmed fish has bigger carbon footprint than cows

Aquaculture can emit more methane, and create more greenhouse gases, than cows, whilst one pint of beer can create three times more emissions and use four times more land than another. The findings are in a new study published in the journal Science. Researchers at Oxford University and the Swiss agricultural research institute, Agroscope, created…
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Kids’ sugar intakes are double recommended levels

Children in England have consumed more than a year’s worth of sugar in less than six months, according to figures from Public Health England (PHE). Children aged four to 10 years should have no more than the equivalent of five or six cubes of sugar per day, but are consuming 13 on average. Sugary soft…
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Hospitality wants tougher plastics laws

More than eight out of 10 (85%) hospitality businesses consider themselves sustainable, yet almost half don’t have specific corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets in place. Of those that have set targets, reducing waste is the most popular (81%), followed by energy efficiency (65%). Working with sustainable suppliers (64%), cutting consumption of single-use plastics (61%) and…
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Plastics Bulletin: company commitments keep coming

Footprint’s new monthly briefing The Plastics Bulletin finds foodservice has been left out of a new packaging pact. By David Burrows. It’s almost impossible to keep up with all the foodservice packaging news, so we’ve made it a little easier for you. Once a month, Footprint will bring you (some of) the latest corporate commitments,…
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Pay farmers for healthy food, say MPs

Farmers should be financially rewarded for producing healthy, nutritious food, a committee of MPs has said. The environment, food and rural affairs (EFRA) committee said that healthy food makes a wider contribution to public health and should be supported as part of a new government policy of providing public money for public goods. The recommendation…
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Food sector must speak with one voice, says FDF chief

The food industry is “absurdly fragmented”, according to one of its leading figures, and must put aside divisions to highlight the importance of the sector to the UK after Brexit. Delivering a speech at food and drink consultancy Camden BRI this week, Food and Drink Federation chief executive Ian Wright suggested the tendency for the…
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Polluters faced with closure under new rules

Companies in water-intensive industries such as food and drink, and leisure face having their facilities shut down under new EU rules, experts have warned. New sector guidelines are currently being drawn up as part of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), which will heighten already stringent obligations on emissions of waste water and generation of waste,…
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Will Pret ruling change the natural order?

A ruling against Pret A Manger for using the word natural in its marketing could open the floodgates to similar complaints. By Nick Hughes. What exactly do we mean by “natural” food? The question has been at the centre of an intriguing dispute between Pret A Manger and the Real Bread Campaign which culminated recently…
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Protein companies failing to manage sustainability risks

More than half of the world’s largest meat and fish companies are at high risk of losing shareholder value because of their vulnerability to health, environmental and social issues. A new Protein Producer Index by FAIRR, the $5.9tn investor network, analysed 60 global intensive farming companies on health, environmental and social issues. It found that…
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Will Boston Tea Party kick off a coffee revolution?

The café chain’s total ban on single-use cups is a bold move that its customers may not be ready for. By David Burrows. From today (June 1st) single-use coffee cups will be banned at Boston Tea Party’s (BTP) 21 stores. It’s a bold move, not least because takeaway hot drinks are responsible for 5.2% of…
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