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Packaging doesn’t cut food waste, report claims

Plastic packaging is failing to reduce food waste, and in some cases may be fueling it, according to research by Zero Waste Europe and Friends of the Earth Europe. The study showed that 37% of all food sold in the EU is wrapped in plastic, making it the most widely used packaging material. The annual…
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Sainsbury’s backtracks on chicken welfare commitment

Sainsbury’s has formally withdrawn from the Good Chicken Award, which recognises companies that have committed to use higher welfare chicken. The move has raised concerns that animal welfare is “slipping down the agenda” in the UK. Sainsbury’s was amongst the first supermarkets to receive the award in 2010. The company committed to provide more space…
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Government performs U-turn on recycling targets

The government has dropped its opposition to more stringent recycling targets and has suggested it may even go beyond EU targets once Britain leaves the EU. The U-turn comes after an investigation by the Guardian and Greenpeace’s Unearthed unit found that UK officials were opposing an EU-wide target of recycling 65% of all municipal waste…
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Trade deals could kill UK government’s sustainable food vision

Brexit must herald a “step change” in farming practice in which environmental standards are raised and food production better protects nature. The recommendations are in a new report published by the Green Alliance, which noted the “danger that the UK could be heading towards oases of nature surrounded by intensively farmed deserts”. The think tank…
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Brands fail to meet palm oil commitments

Greenpeace has accused a number of consumer goods giants including PepsiCo and Kellogg’s of failing to remove palm oil linked to deforestation from their supply chains. A new report from the campaign group claims that despite commitments made under the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) to protect forests and limit climate change by cleaning up global…
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Brexit – an opportunity to promote local fish

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has said Brexit provides an opportunity to swap the traditional “top five favourite fish” for new, more sustainable choices. "UK consumers tend to stick to their tried and tested top five – both in taste and familiarity but not always sustainability,” explained Bernadette Clarke, MCS Good Fish Guide programme manager.…
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Greenpeace adds voice to ‘less meat’ message

Greenpeace has added its voice to the growing chorus of NGOs calling on people to eat less meat to help tackle climate change. This week the charity launched a global campaign with the goal of reducing meat and dairy production and consumption by at least 50% by 2050. A report – Less is More –…
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Ethical products “too pricey” and untrustworthy, say shoppers

Almost half of all shoppers (45%) are put off buying ethical products because they’re too expensive.  The survey of 2,000 consumers, commissioned by the Fairtrade Foundation for Fairtrade Fortnight, also found that 16% of consumers shun ethical products because they “don’t trust claims” made about ethically-sourced products. The ethical credentials of a store are also…
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Shoppers get first taste of plastic-free aisles

The world’s first plastic-free supermarket aisle was unveiled in an Amsterdam supermarket this week.  More than 700 plastic-free products are included in the pilot at Dutch supermarket chain Ekoplaza. Everything from meat and rice to dairy and chocolate will be available. The store will also test new compostable materials. “For decades shoppers have been sold…
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Microplastics found in 75% of deep sea fish

A new study has found microplastics to be present in the gut of almost three quarters of deep sea fish, leading to fears that levels of ingestion are higher than previously thought. Researchers from National University of Ireland Galway found that 73% of deep water fish in the Northwest Atlantic had ingested plastic particles, one…
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