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Fit for the future

The best sustainability strategies are those that are aligned with an organisation’s goals and impacts, and which don’t shy away from stretching targets. So what can be learned from Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow 2025? Amy Fetzer reports. It’s all about impact. When setting sustainability strategy, the key question that should be asked is: what and where…
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Why businesses need to take biodiversity seriously

Our food system is advancing the destruction of the natural world; but food businesses have the power to reverse it. By Nick Hughes. Delegates of a fatalistic disposition will have come away from October’s Extinction and Livestock conference in London feeling even more despondent about the state of our planet. The shocking statistics about the…
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Farmers’ fair-weather friend?

Campaigners have cried foul over Sainsbury’s decision to stop working with the Fairtrade Foundation on tea, but is it really the ‘regressive step’ critics claim? By David Burrows. Sainsbury’s was one of the first retailers to sell Fairtrade products, and in the past 20 years or so it’s grown into the world’s largest retailer of…
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Meat-free mania – why isn’t McDonald’s lovin’ it?

Big money is being invested in plant-based or lab-grown alternatives as consumers go flexitarian. The burger chains may be missing a trick. Meatless burgers are big news, and a fair bit of it is thanks to Impossible Foods. It has reportedly ploughed £60m into what appeared to be an impossible mission: a plant-based “meat” that…
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Heineken’s greener brew

The beer giant is refreshing parts of an industry its rivals haven’t reached, with a zero-carbon brewery in Göss. David Burrows reports from Austria. Chatting over a few steins in the Austrian town of Göss, Michael Dickstein admits the concept of a zero-carbon beer might not resonate with the majority of drinkers. His marketing team…
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Cash in on the climate revolution

The landmark Paris Agreement on climate change offers big opportunities for businesses that move fast, writes Frances Way. The low-carbon revolution is here. That’s the message sent to the private sector by the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change, which became international law in November after ratification at unprecedented speed by the international community. The…
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Opening shots in a palm oil war

Suspension from the RSPO has knocked supplier IOI but it’s the kicking from its customers that hurts most – and big food brands kick hard when their sustainability reputation is at risk. The IOI Group’s chief executive officer, Dato’ Lee Yeow Chor, said the decision to sue the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) was…
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Dairy dispute over healthy eating guidelines

Experts call the new Eatwell Guide a step in the right direction, but industry objects to recommendations to consume less milk products. The government’s revision of what constitutes a healthy diet has created a bit of a stir. In March, Public Health England (PHE) replaced the Eatwell Plate with the Eatwell Guide to reflect recent…
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Is your food looking fishy

Evidence shows seafood mislabelling has been tightened up. But there’s still room for improvement in foodservice. Are you getting a raw deal on sushi? Probably not, according to a new analysis of 115 samples of the seafood delicacy at 31 UK bars and restaurants. We “detected a low percentage of substitution”, the experts from the…
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