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Interviews with the key industry professionals, business leaders, researchers and thinkers in the UK foodservice industries

M&S: the big sustainability push

With single-use packaging in politicians’ sights, the retailer’s circular economy lead talks to Footprint about plans to cut waste to zero. By David Burrows. It’s 14 months since Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall launched his offensive against the coffee shop chains and single-use coffee cups. Starbucks, Costa and Nero bore the brunt of the celebrity chef’s ire, but…
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Andrew Stephen: my mission to bring sustainable food to life

The head of the Sustainable Restaurant Association recently celebrated a year in the role. He talks to Nick Hughes about the challenges and opportunities in helping restaurants achieve their sustainability goals. “What is a sustainable restaurant?” Andrew Stephen pauses for a moment while he ponders his own question.  It may seem an odd point for…
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Dr Richard Swannell discusses the latest HaFSA figures

You’ve just published interim data on the Hospitality and Foodservice Agreement on waste (HaFSA). What are the headline findings? Richard Swannell: The interim results compare the figures reported for 2014 with the baseline figures. This shows a continued good collective performance by signatories against both the waste prevention, and waste management targets. CO2 equivalent (CO2e)…
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Back of house with Allegra McEvedy

Allegra McEvedy, the Footprint Award-winning chef, talks about animal welfare and the challenges of championing sustainability. When did you first become interested in animal welfare? Allegra McEvedy: Fairly quickly after I left college in the early 90s. I was lucky enough to fall into some great forward-thinking restaurants that understood the value of good animal…
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Message in a bottle

Innocent MD Nick Canney talks sugar, thirsty strawberries, imperfect pineapples and staying true to its roots. By Amy Fetzer.                   Innocent is an interesting brand. It wants to be your friend, and it chats to you from its conversational packs which promise you a product that “tastes…
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Back of house

POLITICIANS DON'T seem keen on a tax on sugary drinks, so the Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group took matters into its own hands. CEO Simon Blagden suggests it won't be long before others follow their lead.                            What prompted you to introduce a 10p…
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Interview with Sodexo’s Chief Exec Debbie White: Level headed

SOME ORGANISATIONS may feel that equal pay and the living wage are insurmountable challenges after years of recession. Sodexo boss Debbie White isn’t one of them. Jo Roberts reports.                   Fairness is not a word currently associated with British business. While the UK officially came out of…
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Future’s bright for sustainable eating

SUSTAINABLE DIETS and the notion that meat consumption should be reduced are controversial topics, so Footprint asked former, newly knighted, NFU president and current chair of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board Sir Peter Kendall his thoughts.                           David Burrows (DB): How would you…
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