Twenty years of food ethics

On Wednesday the Food Ethics Council will celebrate its 20th anniversary by convening a panel of experts to discuss the future of food. Its executive director Dan Crossley talks to Nick Hughes about how our perception of food ethics has shifted since the scares and scandals of the 1980s and 90s that inspired the Council’s…
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What percentage of products are healthy?

Food businesses have raised their game on nutrition this year. However, fewer than a third of products can be classified as ‘healthy’. Inge Kauer reports. What we eat and drink affects our health and wellbeing in the short- and long-term. Poor nutrition causes obesity and heart disease at one end of the spectrum, and stunting,…
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Acrylamide – what you need to know

New European regulations to reduce levels of acrylamide in food came into force last month. However, guidance for member states still hasn’t been finalised, which has left caterers confused about their responsibilities in relation to sampling and the foods covered. Dr Lisa Ackerley, food safety expert at UKHospitality, says businesses need to focus their efforts…
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Interview: Gary Hunter on sustaining talent

Footprint (F): Gary, firstly how important do you think Sustainability in Education is? Gary Hunter (GH): For us at Westminster Kingsway College, sustainability in education is just as important as teaching our students about knife skills. We have always included a lot of theoretical and gastronomy work alongside our skills development and engage our students…
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Sugar tax will help poor eat more healthily – study

Taxes on sugar-sweetened drinks and snack foods may benefit poorer households the most, according to new research. Using data from 13 countries, the experts show that changing the price of unhealthy products alters consumption across the board, yet the impact differs due to socioeconomic status. The greatest health benefits from tax rises are for people…
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Funding boost for healthy food of the future

A new €60m (£52m) venture capital fund will support “game-changing” companies working on everything from lab-grown meat to personalised nutrition. Five Seasons Ventures, the new venture capital firm behind the fund, said its focus is on “early-stage companies developing technological innovations aimed at solving the key challenges the sector currently faces”. Nestlé is among the…
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Can microalgae make hotdogs sustainable?

Ikea has revealed some of the new products being created in its test kitchen to “inspire people” to try more sustainable ingredients. This includes the “dogless hotdog”, made with baby carrots, beet and berry ketchup and roasted onions. The bun is made with spirulina – a microalgae containing 50 times more iron than spinach and…
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Baysanto merger threatens the future of sustainable farming

Bayer’s $62.5 billion purchase of Monsanto would create a corporate giant endangering organic and independent farmers. By Honor Eldridge. On March 21st, Bayer won approval for its $62.5 billion (£44 billion) purchase of Monsanto. The EU competition commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, decided after long deliberation to approve a takeover that would create a company (informally dubbed…
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Public demands clearer nutritional information

Almost three quarters (73%) of the public want all cafés, restaurants and takeaways to use the same food labelling system on their products and menus. The survey, conducted for Diabetes UK, also found that 71% of diners feel they don’t have enough information about what’s in their food. Traffic light labelling has been shown to…
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