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Heady days for Europe’s brewers

Microbreweries are booming as EU beer production grows despite a drop in overall alcohol consumption, a new report finds. By David Burrows. What has been published? The Brewers of Europe’s latest statistics. Basically, it’s a state-of-the-sector review, highlighting how much beer was made and drunk in the EU in 2017. It showed that there’s been…
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Kellogg’s turns ugly grains into grog

Kellogg’s has partnered with a local Salford brewery to turn wasted corn flakes into premium beer. The new ‘Throw Away IPA’ is brewed using flakes that are too big, small or overcooked and would normally be used as animal feed. The IPA is being produced by Salford brewery, Seven Bro7hers, which occupies a site next…
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The pint-sized drinks business setting the bar high

Ahead of the launch of Footprint’s new drinks section in January, chief executive Stephen Glancey explains why C&C Group remains an industry outsider despite this year’s acquisition spree. By Nick Hughes. One can only assume Stephen Glancey is being modest when he describes C&C Group as a "small, local" business. With net revenue totalling over…
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Brits support alcohol warning labels

A majority of the British public is in favour of new labels on alcoholic drinks that warn of the risk to health of overconsumption. The findings come from a report published this week that shows widespread public support for the UK Government to do more to address the harms caused by alcohol to society, such…
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Doctors welcome Scotland booze crackdown

Plans for new restrictions on alcohol advertising in Scotland have been welcomed by the medical profession. Last week, the Scottish Government published its updated Alcohol Framework which included a range of measures to reduce consumption and foster more positive attitudes towards drinking. Among the options are for mandatory restrictions on alcohol marketing, as recommended by…
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Soft drinks tax brings in £150 million

Soft drinks manufacturers and traders have paid an extra £153.8 million in tax since April, due to the Soft Drinks Industry Levy (SDIL). The tax was introduced in April 2018 and applies to the packaging and importation of soft drinks containing added sugar. It was introduced as part of the government’s initiative to tackle childhood…
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Health guidelines missing from 93% of alcoholic drink labels

Fewer than one in 10 alcoholic drinks carry up to date health warnings, prompting campaigners to call for a mandatory labelling scheme. The only mandatory requirement under EU law is that labels display alcohol by volume (ABV). The provision of other health information – such as pregnancy warnings, information about content in units, and references…
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Race is on for energy drinks ban

An end to the sale of energy drinks to children moved a step closer last month. What’s happened and is this good news? DON’T READ THE LABEL. Under current EU labelling rules, any drink, other than tea or coffee, that contains over 150mg of caffeine per litre requires a warning label saying: “High caffeine content.…
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Soft drinks levy a “double success”

The three-tier levy on sugar-sweetened drinks has achieved its aim. In fact, it’s been a “double success” that could provide a model for future sugar policies, according to an opinion piece published in the British Medical Journal. Firstly, products have been reformulated: two soft drinks of public health significance remain subject to the highest levy,…
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