Is the Childhood Obesity Strategy effective progression from the Public Health Responsibility Deal?

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  • Heineken’s greener brew

    The beer giant is refreshing parts of an industry its rivals haven’t reached, with a zero-carbon brewery in Göss. David Burrows reports from Austria. Chatting over a few steins in...

  • Brexit means… what?

    Theresa May has finally given her first big speech on leaving the EU. Are we any the wiser? Footprint asked five experts for their views. The lawyer: A little bit...

  • Work still to do on farm labour

    Certification schemes are not yet effective at addressing consumers’ growing fears over exploitation of farmworkers, writes Kerstin Lindgren. Consumers are increasingly concerned by the low pay and poor conditions on...

  • Is fake meat the real deal

    Should burger bars and the foodservice sector at large start embracing new and improving meat-free products? Footprint asks experts for their views. Let’s not get carried away. “Offering tasty, nutritious...

  • Energy saving is a bright idea

    This Saturday marks Earth Hour, an annual event to focus minds on protecting the planet. Restaurant owners need look no further than their kitchens to dramatically reduce their impact, says...

  • A healthy advantage

    Footprint’s Health and Vitality Honours were announced in January. Four key insights from this years Health & Vitality Honours. Foodservice can achieve cultural change Health and wellbeing is certainly on...

  • Five things we’ve learned about… food fraud

    Footprint’s pre-Christmas forum Food Authenticity in Foodservice: Risk and Regulation showed the industry has some catching up to do if it wants to stay one step ahead of criminals working...


  • David Burrows
  • Nick Fenwicke-Clennell
  • Anya Hart Dyke
  • James Eagle
  • John Twitchen
  • Amy Fetzer
  • Charles Miers
  • Nick Hughes
  • Footprint intelligence

    Market research exists to guide your brand by giving you insight to your competitors, your markets, your own products and its perceptions, the effectiveness of your marketing, your costumers, trends...


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