• Business partnerships boost Fairtrade

    New business partnerships have driven sales of Fairtrade products in a “pivotal year” for the scheme. “Fairtrade has really begun to demonstrate how by working together, companies and charities can...

  • Tesco to phase out caged eggs

    Tesco has pledged to stop sourcing eggs from caged hens by 2025 as part of a renewed focus on sustainable sourcing. Currently, around 43% of the 1.4 billion eggs sold...

  • Freezer confusion fuels waste

    The fears consumers have about freezing food are largely unfounded, according to a study published by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). The research – released as part of Food Safety...

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  • July in numbers

    10% – levels of ‘fish substitution’ found in sushi restaurants Researchers from the universities of Salford, Bristol and Exeter analysed seafood samples from 30-odd sushi bars and restaurants. They discovered...

  • Trump’s energy policy

    The Republican candidate has threatened to scrap the Paris deal and offered support for coal, but is he serious, asks George Robinson. Now that Donald Trump has the required number...

  • Slow progress on soy

    Foodservice firms are lagging way behind when it comes to responsible sourcing, according to WWF. By David Burrows. That very little difference two years make. WWF has just published its...


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  • Footprint intelligence

    Market research exists to guide your brand by giving you insight to your competitors, your markets, your own products and its perceptions, the effectiveness of your marketing, your costumers, trends...


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